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365 (A Photo a Day): A Journey with an iPhoneAtlanta Celebrates Photography

Taking a photo a day for 365 days is more than a challenge; it’s a journey. The pressure to produce amidst the ebb and flow of life can be difficult. But it causes you to remain alive and awake to your surroundings, ever anticipating that next shot wherever life takes you. To be creative in the normalcy of life can be awkward, but I found it refreshing to look for visual interest in every view. It caused me to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of each moment for how it visually expressed itself to me.

My vehicle on this voyage was my iPhone. After years of schlepping photo gear about, I embraced the iPhone as the only equipment used to take and edit my images. What I found was that this little piece of equipment not only exceeded my expectation but actually expanded my artistic range and visual expression.

Presented at this exhibit are some of my favorites from the 365 images. I think they capture visual interest, beauty, emotion or just make you stop and think. I hope that people leave living with eyes wide open and perhaps have a willingness to capture what they see.

Below are a sampling from the many images represented during the event. The collection features a broad range of subject matter and technique all photographed and edited using the iPhone.

Succumbing to the Law of Gravity Exhibition in Paola, Italy John Enslow   

Succumbing to the Law of Gravity

iPhonography, iPhone Photos, & John Enslow

Succumbing to the Law of Gravity
Exhibition in Paola, Italy
John Enslow’s piece “Succumbing to the Law of Gravity” was first selected as one of the 100 finalist in the international photography contest organized by Arteaparte, iPhoneography. Then as one of the 40 images to be displayed in the exhibit held by the Contemporary Art Museum in Paola, Italy http://www.iphoneography.eu/


Succumbing to the Law of Gravity Exhibition in Paola, Italy John Enslow

Do you still believe that the camera makes the photographer? i.Phoneography believes in the creative power of the gaze, in a new way to describe contemporaneity. Organized by Arteaparte, iPhoneography is the first Italian contest of photographs taken and edited with an iPhone. This is a language for images that becomes an art laboratory, and that involves a growing number of iPhoneographers from all around the world.

Focused on the traces of reality, but with a dreamy and visionary look: the exhibition based on the contest’s top pictures will be opened on 9 October 2010, at the Sixth Edition of the Contemporary Art Day organized by the AMACI, notably the Association of the Italian Contemporary Art Museums. The first stage of the exhibition will be held at the FIAF Gallery Arteaparte.

1st shot with new iPhone

Love at First iPhone ShotFunny but true…This image was used by the Georgia Mountains Regional Commission as the cover art for the organizations year end statement. 

I was in a field of sunflowers, the sun was just about to drop below the tree line and was casting a great light through the late afternoon mist often seen in the North Georgia Mountains.  Yet I had one issue, I was without a camera.  I was dying, but wait, what is this???  My new iPhone was present.  This lovely devise, picked up just days earlier, became a momentary solution to a pressing problem.  Though it would have been nice to have my Nikon and gear, this moment indelibly bonded the Apple devise and myself. (Smiling)  It was my first shot with the phone and certainly the most memorable.  A friend submitted it to an organization and it was used as cover art for their year end statement.

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