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Succumbing to the Law of Gravity

iPhonography, iPhone Photos, & John Enslow

Succumbing to the Law of Gravity
Exhibition in Paola, Italy
John Enslow’s piece “Succumbing to the Law of Gravity” was first selected as one of the 100 finalist in the international photography contest organized by Arteaparte, iPhoneography. Then as one of the 40 images to be displayed in the exhibit held by the Contemporary Art Museum in Paola, Italy


Succumbing to the Law of Gravity Exhibition in Paola, Italy John Enslow

Do you still believe that the camera makes the photographer? i.Phoneography believes in the creative power of the gaze, in a new way to describe contemporaneity. Organized by Arteaparte, iPhoneography is the first Italian contest of photographs taken and edited with an iPhone. This is a language for images that becomes an art laboratory, and that involves a growing number of iPhoneographers from all around the world.

Focused on the traces of reality, but with a dreamy and visionary look: the exhibition based on the contest’s top pictures will be opened on 9 October 2010, at the Sixth Edition of the Contemporary Art Day organized by the AMACI, notably the Association of the Italian Contemporary Art Museums. The first stage of the exhibition will be held at the FIAF Gallery Arteaparte.

2 comments on Succumbing to the Law of Gravity

  1. Pauline says:

    I’ll never grasp how you did this, John. Can you give the ‘secret?”

    1. John Enslow says:

      And with an iPhone no less!!! I have told people in the past that it was a bungie cord. It is actually 2 images merged. One taken from the downward view and the other from the view up.

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