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Squirrel’s Day Out

Squirrels Day Out Behind the WheelAfter visiting Taos, New Mexico I heard about the New Mexico Magazine’s 9th annual photo contest.  I submitted 6 shots and today I was made aware of being selected as a finalist for the shot “Squirrel’s Day Out.”  Truly this was one of the most amazing things I have seen in nature.  I spend some 25-30 minutes taking photo after photo while this wonderful squirrel posed for me.  I was shocked!  Starting on the back of the truck, the furry friend moved around stopping at every location to make sure I had the shot I wanted.  At least this is what it felt like.  Normally you have a moment to capture your shot of nature.  “Here now, gone in but a moment,” but this was not like that at all.  “Here now, and if you don’t like that angle how about this one,” was the order of this day.

The winners will be featured in the January 10th issue of the magazine,

I hope the shot gets the kudos that I have given it

Squirrel’s Day Out

Squirrel's Day Out John Enslow
Well my little friend did it.  I received notification that the “Squirrel’s Day Out” photo has won.  This photo was awarded an Honorable Mention and will be featured in the January edition of the New Mexico Magazine.  I am real excited about this as it was like the sealing of the envelope on a wonderful trip through Arizona and New Mexico.

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