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Relics of North Georgia

I don’t normally focus on relics as a subject matter but for this show I began to scout out items and areas where these items may be found.  I actually located quite a few and gained a deeper appreciation for the North Georgia area and the landmarks of eras gone by.  

I am so pleased to have been called to look and find some treasures that just happen to be relics, also I am grateful to the Bowen Center for selecting all three of my submitted works. Papa’s Home, Early Riser, Farm House Door

Papa’s Home! Farm House Door Early Riser




The 7th Annual Dawson Art Council’s Photography Show.  This year’s event will be juried by David Akoubian.  The theme of the show is “Relecs” of North Georgia: Anything at least 50 years old.   The show will hang from October 3rd-November 10th at the Bowen Center for the Arts.

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