Country Road

Another photo from the 365 project. I’ve actually painted this one in oil as well. It just speaks to me of the early morning in North Georgia. The painting came out amazing, maybe I’ll share that later. This image is of one of the many beautiful scenes from North Georgia.

Vintage Farmlands

I would love to do a photo card set of many of the iPhone 365 project images I captured. I have seven that I felt would make desirable photo cards. I really hope you like them. This image is of one of the many beautiful scenes from North Georgia.

Early Rising

This pictorial spot is never dull and never the same. It is just one of those locations that gives and gives and gives. I need to go and plein air paint here. It is at Woody Lake in Suches, Georgia.

Bovine Fire

Apptastic! I layered many iPhone apps to produce this image in order to make a silhouette of my neighbors...the cows! (Hehehe)

Layered Salad

This photo is from my iPhone 365 collection. Fall in the North Georgia mountains is magical! Layers of color and texture make it just like a layered salad.

Succumbing to the Law of Gravity

I FELL in love with iPhoneography with my very first shot. The apps and camera make a wonderful pallete to create art and expression. I enjoyed it so much I embarked on a year long journey of iPhone 365. A picture a day everyday for a year. Check this out in my blog.

Tree of Life

Another photo from the 365 project. Simple and beautiful. This image is of one of the many beautiful scenes from North Georgia.

On The Lake

This image is actually not on canvas but is apart of the iPhone 365 collection. The iPhone apps can perform all kinds of magic with your images. I love the peace in this picture and the beauty reflected in this father and son having a time together.

Summertime Harvest

I've heard over and over of the North Georgia Mountains that "It's God's Country!" I can't agree more. It is simply beautiful day after day. I am so blessed to live there!

Limitless Sky

The North Georgia Mountains are full of expanses and beauty. Each and every season delivers delight for those fortunate to be onlooking.
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