Drew and Marlow

My cousin's son Drew and their dog Marlow. A precious moment during COVID-19 sheltering in place order.

Carpenter's Shop

This one just makes me feel good. I love the feeling and mood.

Sentient Son

A child is aware of all their senses. The cool off the water felt with the sensitive skin of the face.

Dad and Mom

A precious moment with my parents in St. Augustine, Florida. Loved painting it.


Ethan is a deep well of thought and ideas. This image was inspired by his reflective life as a celebration of who he is.

Wide Open Gaze

I always wanted to paint this portrait of me at 11 months. Actually it is one of the reasons I started to paint in the first place.

Misty Meadows Suches, Georgia

I believe that there are many gorgeous views which no one is privy to, existing for God alone. But when He chooses to invite me in and we see it together, this is ART whether my camera is present or not. A typical scene from beautiful Suches, Georgia

Lady Agnew

I am really pleased with this painting, which I did as an exercise in Chris diDomizio's class. Though my likeness to John Singer Sargent's painting is not exact, it does communicate what I personally saw when I viewed the original at the Kimbell Gallery in Dallas/Ft. Worth.

Layered Salad

This photo is from my iPhone 365 collection. Fall in the North Georgia mountains is magical! Layers of color and texture make it just like a layered salad.

As the Breeze on the Beach

This little girl was brilliantly unaware of her surroundings. She was like the breeze on the beach.

Country Roads

This painting originally was an apart of my iPhone 365 collection as a photo. I loved the image so much that I painted it. In all actuality, the only reason I took up oil painting was to paint my iPhone photography. It has been a wonderful journey!


Waipu’ilani is a Hawaiian term that means heavenly blown waters, or waters from heaven. This image for me symbolizes the radiance and beauty that emerges from the life that is lost beneath the waters from heaven. This image was the feature image to represent the Evolution exhibit in the Bowen Art Center in Dawsonville, GA.


This photo moves my heart. It was taken at the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem, Israel in 2007. The hue of this image conveys to me the merging of this Jewish man and the wall where he lays his petitions. A union are made with his pursuit and his God.

The Sky's the Limit

This image was featured in the NGCSU Portfolio Show as a part of their Photography Certificate Program. I chose iPhone photography rather than my Nikon DSLR to put my images to the test. I am so pleased with my whole collection. This picture is of the Terminus 100 building in Buckhead, Georgia and a Tulip planted in Martha Kilpatrick garden. The vantage point is the same no matter how tall you stand on earth, the heavens are always above.

On The Lake

This image is actually not on canvas but is apart of the iPhone 365 collection. The iPhone apps can perform all kinds of magic with your images. I love the peace in this picture and the beauty reflected in this father and son having a time together.

A Moment in Time

This image of an amazing local character was taken in New Mexico. I shared my lunch with him and then asked him if I could take his picture. You can see my self portrait in the mirror reflection. This image hung in 2010 at the Atlanta Photography Group's Gallery during their Photographer's Choice annual exhibition.

Plein Air Santa Rosa Beach

Trying to get free of the studio preciseness. Plain Air is wildly difficult and extremely exciting. I did this image while on the deck of a beach house friends had rented.
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