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1st shot with new iPhone

Love at First iPhone ShotFunny but true…This image was used by the Georgia Mountains Regional Commission as the cover art for the organizations year end statement. 

I was in a field of sunflowers, the sun was just about to drop below the tree line and was casting a great light through the late afternoon mist often seen in the North Georgia Mountains.  Yet I had one issue, I was without a camera.  I was dying, but wait, what is this???  My new iPhone was present.  This lovely devise, picked up just days earlier, became a momentary solution to a pressing problem.  Though it would have been nice to have my Nikon and gear, this moment indelibly bonded the Apple devise and myself. (Smiling)  It was my first shot with the phone and certainly the most memorable.  A friend submitted it to an organization and it was used as cover art for their year end statement.

No First Impressions

“Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications,
offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution.”

~ Ansel Adams

Where Are They Now???

No First Impressions 80's photoIn the 1986 Scholastic Art Awards held in Central Florida this image won the regional “Kodak Medallion of Excellence” award, as well as receiving The Art Institutes Citation for Special Merit: “Honorable Mention” in recognition of outstanding effort and artistic promise. This image was selected for the final judging in “The Art Institutes” scholarship competition.

My 3 other submitted images were each “Blue Ribbon Finalist” and given “Gold Key Awards”

The Darkroom Darkroom of Yesteryear

My passion for the darkroom was set in high school. I absolutely love working in a darkroom and spent hours and hours in there. When I wasn’t in my high school darkroom, I was pleading with the local Naval Base to let me work in theirs. The smell, the process, and the image revealing. It was like opening a gift every time. Now the darkroom has been absorbed by the digital world. Photoshop and software like it has taken over for what I remember as being a complete joy. I miss the darkroom.

A Day in the Sun 80's photo Why? 80's photo Trapped in the Past 80's photo

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